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About us

Our History

Established in the early 1920s, Sherman Shoes has been providing people with comfortable footwear for nearly a century. People all over the world experience foot pains. Foot, knee, hip and back pains are completely natural, but one should not allow these pains to create a separation between you and the fun, delightful experiences life has to offer. A comfortable shoe can be the key to eliminate those pains and open the doors to a stronger body, a better life and pain free body.

Finding the Perfect Shoe

Finding the perfect shoe can be extremely difficult. There are always many details to focus on, width, style, brand, etc. Here at Sherman Shoes, we provide a broad selection of comfortable and stylish footwear for our customers. With top brands like Mephisto (from France), Ecco (from Denmark), MBT Shoes (from Switzerland), Red Wing Shoes (from USA), Clarks (from England), and New Balance (from USA), customers will see that it will not take long to find that perfect shoe. Our top quality shoes are only a part of our mission to provide people all over world with comfortable shoes.

Customer Satisfaction

Sherman Shoes has been in the business of comforting since the 1920s. We carry tons of shoes that provide comfort for people with different widths, size, and all kinds of pains. In fact, we carry the widest selection in New York City for multiple brands. We take every order seriously because customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive to provide our buyers with the best shopping experience. 2009. All rights reserved